Custom Design

For over 19 years, Rescott has built our clients’ business through innovative and creative uses of internet marketing solutions as well as traditional services such as print advertising, TV and radio. Our goal is to make our clients’ brands differentiated, functional and successful.
But we are much more than marketing. We have built a team of professionals with expertise in design and development to match our client’s objectives of form and function in their internet based applications with core expertise in PHP, ASP,  .NET, and AJAX platforms.




Our model begins with an initial session that focus on understanding concepts surrounding the problem domain, potential difficulties, restricted time frames, client requirements, etc.


Following the initial session, requirements analysis is performed in which a detailed document is produced for the client. This project document encompasses specifications, timeframes, implementation targets, technologies, resources and other project details.  Conceptual artifacts may be created on complex designs.


Development starts after the client accepts the detailed project requirements document.  Project managers, architects, programmers, designers, quality assurance, documenters and testers, work together with the client to develop the target solution.


Both formal and informal testing may occur depending on the scope of the project. Informal testing may occur at any time and cover specific features, functions, entire subsystems or even the complete project. Formal testing is defined as a time period in which a documented version of the end product is validated under controlled tests.


Final acceptance is the last stage at which the client signs off on the final solution, releasing all source, binary packages, documentation and final invoice.


Recent Projects


Rescott’s design and development team has created some very innovative web-based applications for clients, including:

  • A social media application for a well known text information service
  • A state of the art digital coupon SAAS for a large information service firm
  • Online Airline Reservation and Calendaring System for air charter service
  • GUI-based FTP management system for engineering firm
  • e-Newsletter sign up and management system for various firms
  • e-Commerce applications for UV products, computer products, web hosting and cleaning supplies firms
  • Our own web conferencing platform with a tethered streaming server to support video playing streams
  • Our own Email Manager
  • Connopia CMS (Content Management System)
  • IndyLogic Entrepreneur Relationship Planner


Core Development Team


Rescott’s core development team consists of more than 27 designers, programmers, managers, quality assurance specialists, and testers.                     

Company Strength

Man Power Total
CMD/CEO – Management 4
Project Manager 2
Sr. Programmers 5
Programmers 6
Designer 4
Tester 1
SEO Programmer 5
Total Team Size 27


Skill Competencies

Technology Manpower
.NET Programmer 9
PHP Programmer 4
ASP Programmer 2
Database Programmer 2
Flash Action Script 1
SEO Programmer 4
Video Production/Edit 1
Web Designer 3
Total Team Size 26