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A 22 year entrepreneur, Toby has owned an IT managed services practice, an app development firm, a digital marketing firm, and an offshore call center. He’s been there, done that.


He holds an MBA in Information Technology Management degree, as well as a B.S. in Business, specializing in Business Economics and International Business Management.


Let Toby bring his consulting expertise to your business.


Great Value Website Promo Is A Hit!

About six months ago, of our sales agents told me that if we could come up with a website plan for micro businesses that didn’t cost a lot of money, that it would be a hit.


That’s was a tall order. I mean, custom websites cost a lot of money because of all of the planning, design, code and testing that goes into a successful site.


We looked into it anyway by doing some competitive research. We found a company that provided a mobile website using a very dated design, that they were selling for $49.97 per month. Unfortunately, it looked really bad on desktop.


We saw a number of site builders that were inexpensive but they left the owner to the wolves in designing a nicely professional site. Plus, most required you pay a year in advance.


After our research and looking at our resources, we came up with the Great Value promotion (http://GreatValueSites.com). With Great Value, we put together an all inclusive website design package starting at $39.97 with no contracts. Great Value includes a 5 page website that our content writers and designers create for you, a .COM domain name, up to 10 email accounts, and a 99.9% guaranteed uptime server to host it all on.


Once the client pays the small set up fee, the Great Value web consultant spends time with the client by phone to learn their business, and create content that best describes the business. Once the preliminary consultation is completed, our deployment team provisions the domain name, sets up the client control panel, and sets up the email accounts. Our design team goes to work creating a site that is optimized for mobile as well as looks great on desktop. In about five days, the site is live.


Great Value also adds a unique upgrade- for $30 per month more, the video team will create a 30 second high quality professionally produced business video using a live actor, and superior digitally created outro. This video is inserted on the home page to add additional credibility to the client’s business.


So, that’s Great Value, and it is an extremely successful solution that has fit the needs of the micro business. If you have not explored Great Value yet, visit http://GreatValueSites.com .

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