Mercury Gets New Name And Expanded Service Line

Rescott President, Toby Reeves, has announced that Rescott BPO ( will be rebranded to Mercury Business Center to better reflect its speed of service, support and growth.


Accommodating the name change includes:

  • A brand new contemporary website (,
  • A brand new animated introductory video titled Mr. Mercury’s Neighborhood,
  • Expansion from outbound lead generation and virtual assistance services to inbound and back office services in over 38 different service areas,
  • Relocation to a top tier call center in Makati City, Philippines that will accommodate up to 350 additional employees,
  • Accelerated hiring of top quality talent in the Manila area.


“We are very excited in our launch of Mercury Business Center,” Mr. Reeves said. “For two years, we have been supporting organizations under the Rescott BPO brand. Now, it is time to take that next step with a new identity, brand, as well as expand our service lines.”


Part of the catalyst in the expanded service areas is Mercury’s relocation to a larger call center environment in Makati City, Philippines, which can accommodate up to 350 additional Mercury employees.


Affectionately called Mercurians, Mercury plans to hire top quality talent from the current work place as well as the top four universities that are located close to Makati.


Mr. Reeves added, “We are currently saving our US and Canadian clients up to 70% on their traditional methods. With our service line expansion, we will free up our clients’ money so that they can invest it in their core business, while we handle their lead generation, customer support, recruiting, research and administrative help.”


About Mercury: Mercury Business Center ( ) is a business services firm located in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, and Makati City, Philippines. Part of the Rescott family, Mercury specializes in non-core inbound, outbound and back office services as described on the company’s web site.

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