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Recently, clients asked for ways that they could get a top quality high production video but at a price that didn’t break the bank.


We created Quick Shot Videos, a 1 minute custom promotion video highlighting your product, service or company for only $379 per video! Quick Shots is loaded with features you normally see in higher cost video productions:

  • A one minute custom video with panning images
  • Inset text from a script you provide us for those who prefer to read the text
  • Professionally produced music designed to match your product or service
  • A computer generated voice over in male or female voice which sounds so authentic (upgrade to live professional voice over is available)
  • An MP4 video file you can use for your own use


With Quick Shots, you get an actual MP4 video, and for just $50 more, we will even create a click magnet animated GIF you can embed in your emails! Want a live professional voice over professional instead of computer generated voice? We can do that too, just call us for pricing.


How can you use Quick Shots?

  • Use it to highlight your products on your web site or YouTube
  • Use it to promote your services or company on your web site or YouTube
  • Post your videos in LinkedIn and Facebook for added promotion
  • Insert it in PowerPoint or video conferencing presentations


Below are two demo videos, and think about how your product or service will look with Quick Shots. The first demo is a product promo, and the second is a company services promo.

Once you order, a certified marketing specialist starts on your account and will reach out to you for images, script, and other information that may be helpful to your video production.   When you place your order, the shopping cart will appear in the upper right of this page.



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For just a little more, you can add Email Click Magnets that mimic your video! Email Click Magnets is an animated GIF that shows rare animation that you don’t see in many emails, capturing the attention of the reader for your product, company, or service.

Email Click Magnets are normally $197, but we are also offering special pricing this month, at just $50.00 with your video purchase.



Add Email Click Magnet To Your Video Purchase
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