Rescott’s Marketing Programs

You Go Do Your Thing, We’ll Do Ours

Rescott knows that you want to focus on your organization’s core business, not marketing, so we have created all inclusive plans that cost a lot less than hiring a full time, or even a part time employee to manage your marketing efforts. And when you bring Rescott along side of you, you will tap into  several marketing specialists in SEO, SEM, video, digital design and consulting.

  • Each relationship begins with a strategic marketing plan
  • All inclusive digital marketing from one provider- Rescott
  • Tap into 20 years of digital marketing experience
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Unlike print and traditional marketing which hasn’t changed a lot in the past 50 years, digital marketing is evolving at breakneck speed. We should know, we been in digital marketing for over 20 years. Go with a partner with experience in helping you conquer the digital marketplace.







A photo shoot includes up to one hour of on-location photography, with up to 2 hours for editing.

  • Photos will be made available either through cloud storage, or your website’s backend.
  • If the client is not within driving distance of Rescott, the client has the option to still utilize our editing service either by sending raw photos to Rescott or by allowing Rescott to hire a local contractor to acquire raw images with Rescott’s direction.
  • Non-utilization of this service does not result in a discount or credit for other services.

A video shoot shall be defined as an on-location shoot up to two hours, with up to 4 editing hours, including revisions.


  • All videos will either be posted on your YouTube Page or delivered directly to you.
  • If the client is not within driving distance of Rescott, the client has the option to still utilize our editing service either by sending raw footage to Rescott or by allowing Rescott to hire a local contractor to acquire raw images with Rescott’s direction.
  • Non-utilization of this service does not result in a discount or credit for other services.

Rescott begins each new package engagement with a strategic plan, which serves as a guide for the entire campaign. This plan is designed to be a living document that is revisited on a regular basis as your business grows and the digital marketing landscape changes. You will receive a paper or digital copy of this plan, based on your preference.


Starter Package:

  • Strategy Document
    • Review basic business stats & goals
    • Target demographic overview
    • Web revision suggestions
    • SEO Goals
    • Social Media recipe
    • Content Piece calendar
  • Meeting:
    • Onboarding facilitator lead
    • Social Media or Content representative support
    • Brief introduction to a developer (if applicable)


Premium & Platinum Package:

  • Strategy Document:
    • Review business stats & goals
    • Target demographic overview
    • Creation of ideal customer profile
    • Web revision suggestions
    • SEO Goals
    • Social Media recipe
    • Content Piece calendar
    • Photo/video plan
  • Meeting:
    • Senior Level Strategist lead
    • Full team representation including Content, Social, Development

Starter Package Account Setup:

  • Project management system
  • Analytics:
    • Google Analytics
    • Webmaster Tools
  • Directories:
    • Yelp, if applicable
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook controll
    • Twitter Controll
    • Google Plus/maps page claimed
    • Linkedin Control (Optional)


Premium & Platinum Package Account Setup:

  • Project management system
  • Analytics:
    • Google Analytics
      • Goals established
    • Webmaster Tools
      • Keywords highlighted
  • Directories:
    • Yelp, if applicable
      • Profile build out
    • Top 20 Directories for the industry
  • SEO:
    • Comptitior comparision dasboard
  • Social Media:
    • Facebook controll
      • Profile build out
    • Twitter Control
      • Influencer and list building
    • Google Plus/maps page claimed
      • Profile build out
    • Linkedin Control (Optional)

Existing Website Aquisition

The extent of Website Rework will be determined by the strategic plan, and is limited to the hours allotted in the selected package. If you also purchase either of Rescott’s Website Packages, any completed Website Rework hours listed in the setup section of their package will be applied as a credit toward the website rebuild, and shall be used either for creative direction or research and development at no additional expense up to the hours allotted in the package’s setup.


  • The client will provide all hosting and content management system logins.
  • Website Rework will be subject to the hours allotted in their package setup section. The specific changes will be outlined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Standard security and SEO updates will included but are not limited to malware security, site uptime monitoring, backups, standard website updates, as well as installation of verification certificates, tracking codes, and SEO plugins.
    • All security and SEO updates are subject to the client’s CMS compatibility with Rescott’s standard core competence, as well as access given by the client.

The purpose of your SEO campaign is to increase the total visibility of your brand online to prospective clients or customers. Specific goals are subject to your Strategic Plan. All packages contain a regular schedule of site check­-ins called Work and Review, which are designed to analyze problems and opportunities and assign a work set to address issues and take advantage of opportunities. The details of each review and work set vary, depending on the client’s industry, goals, and competition.


Work And Review (WAR) Premium and Platinum Plan:

Each regularly scheduled Work And Review Set will address and/or implement the necessary combination of the following techniques, practices, technologies, or coding to accomplish your individual goals. These include but are not limited to the practices listed below. Rescott will, by default, alternate the work and review set types on an equal basis, so long as the individual strategy or client access limitations do not dictate otherwise or restrict the regular alternation between the two Work and Review types.


  • On-­Site SEO: An On-Site Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Work and Review process (WAR) consists of up to an hour of analysis of site structure, content and user experience, and up to three hours of implementation of the needs either discovered during the WARS analysis or issues previously outlined in your Strategic Plan or Marketing Consultation.
  • Off-site SEO: An Off-Site Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Work and Review process (WAR) consists of up to an hour of analysis of traffic sources, links, total visibility of your website and various other digital properties, and the sources of your and your competitors’ domain authority and traffic. Additionally, it includes up to three hours of implementation of the needs either discovered during the WAR analysis or strategies previously outlined in your Strategic Plan or Marketing Consultation, including but not limited to link building and distribution of content.

Work And Review (WAR) Starter Plan:

The Starter plan benefits are similar to those stated above. However, the implementation for both onsite and offsite shall be limited to one hour per each on-site and off-site SEO.


  • Rescott offers its clients access to real time reporting via a private login through third party systems.
  • A Monthly Custom Report will be provided to clients on the Premium or Platinum packages.
  • Requests for further reporting may be made, and will count against your Marketing Consultation retainer. Simple questions or requests for clarification may be made over the phone or email, and do not count against allotted consultation hours.



  • Our efforts do not guarantee the control or quality of user reviews that are posted on external/directory websites.
  • We will regularly monitor website results and make adjustments to improve your ranking, but we cannot guarantee your page ranking; it is affected by competition and the algorithms of every unique search engine.

Rescott will provide ongoing content marketing services as well as optional content marketing work. All content created by Rescott shall be considered work-for-hire shall belong to the client, with the exception of the terms of use outlined in the Terms and Conditions.


Content Marketing Pieces:

Content Marketing Pieces include any combination of Internal (on-site) Blog Posts, External (off-site) Blog Posts, On-Site Static Content, and General Off-site Content. Rescott will produce the Content Marketing Pieces in the frequency allotted in your selected package. The particular type of Content Marketing Pieces will be determined by the Strategic Plan and may be overridden at the discretion of the analyst performing the SEO WAR, or by a mutual decision with the client in a Marketing Consultation. Each Content Marketing Piece will be between 300 and 600 words, depending on the goal of the piece.

  • Internal Blog Posts: These Content Marketing Pieces will be posted on the client’s blog and be comprised of topics approved in the strategic plan, on a case-by-case basis as requested by the client, or under advisement from the analyst performing your SEO WAR
  • External Blog Posts: These Content Marketing Pieces will be posted on other websites for the purpose of link building, and/or awareness. Pieces written for this purpose are determined by the strategy for OffSite SEO WAR. Approval of content is dependent on the nature of the post and where it is placed.
  • On-Site Static Content: These Content Marketing Pieces will be applied to building out static pages of your website. Its purpose shall be determined by either the Strategic Plan, OnSite SEO WAR, or Marketing Consultation with the client.
  • General Off-Site Content: These Content Marketing Pieces cover up to 600 words of unique descriptions for directories or any other purpose that enhances your visibility and reputation as it appears on any other property than your website. The specifics will be determined by the OffSite SEO War, the Strategic Plan, Marketing Consultation or by request from other departments within Rescott.

Rescott will setup up any non-existing social media accounts in the client’s selected campaign. There are extended Social Media Packages and add-­ons available, should you wish to utilize them for the added fee, as noted on our website.



You will receive monthly check-ins with a social media specialist to discuss ideas, campaigns, specialized posts, and any questions. Rescott will produce and distribute regular posts of original content in one of the following ways:

  • Monthly scheduling of posts to be distributed to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin (if selected).
  • Posting and organic build out of Pinterest Profiles.


Conversion Campaigns:

Rescott will work with you to plan posts on Facebook that are specifically designed to accomplish a conversion or goal for the given period. These posts will be boosted with a discretionary budget (included in the regular retainer). The client may pay for an additional conversion budget to extend the effect of the campaign.

  • Note: We may apply these campaigns to different networks by request of the client or changes in the strategy.


Social Outreach & Engagement:

Rescott will utilize the social properties dictated by the Strategic Plan, Marketing Consultation, or Off-Site SEO WAR to network with a client’s peers, influencers, community, clients or potential clients for the promotion of content, to build awareness and followers, or to solicit direct connections.


  • Rescott offers its clients access to real time reporting via a private login through third party systems.
  • Requests for further reporting may be made, and will count against your Marketing Consultation retainer. Simple questions or requests for clarifications may be made over the phone or email, and do not affect Consultation hours.

Starter Account’s will be managed by Rescott’s Facilitator staff, and facilitate in bound requests for meetings or updates on the account. All account changes in course will be either initiated by the client’s request or outlined in a meeting with their team during their Consulting Hours.


Premium and Platinum Accounts will be assigned an Account Manager within the SEO department. The SEO account manager will be proactive in suggesting monthly suggestions in their campaign along with their reports.


Rescott takes brand reputation seriously. It takes just on bad review of your business on a review site to cripple your business. Rescott includes reputation management services in each plan to make sure that your company’s business reputation stays positive.


All plans include our comprehensive reputation program call RepCure, which proactively monitors trends in your company’s reputation as well as identifies problem areas in your business.


Once problems are identified with RepCure, we will consult with you (within the consulting retainer in your plan) on recommendations that will improve your reputation score. Recommendations that require design work or development will use your design and development retainer hours in your plan.


Starter accounts will receive a PDF summarizing their traffic, and work completed that month.


Premium and Platinum Packages will receive a PDF report summarizing the following:

  • Traffic
  • Rankings
  • Work completed
  • Other properties of note

Rescott offers entry level hosting to its active clients, as well as tech support for any client hosted on Rescott’s servers to ensure the perpetual proper functionality of their site. Proper functionality will be defined as:

  • Functioning within the parameters of the website when it was launched and/or when Rescott took over the account, OR
  • Functioning according to the most recent requested update or change.


Registration and DNS management:

Rescott can register domains on your behalf. Client domains registered to Rescott’s Registrar accounts are not owned by Rescott, and domain registration renewals will be added to your monthly bill as they become due each year. In the event that you discontinue services with Rescott in total, the domain will be transferred to a registrar selected by the client and DNS will be pointed to a new location, if required.


Hosting Standard Security Protocol:

Rescott’s standards shall be fluid and dynamic based on the demands of our clients and the industry. These standards will be updated on the Website Development page of the Rescott website.

Malware removal is provided to client sites, and in the event a site is compromised, Rescott will provide immediate attention to the site’s health, as soon as the compromise is brought to our attention – whether via our monitoring systems, or contact from the client, whichever comes first. Security breaches include and are not limited to: SQL, file injection, corrupted files and data breach.


Additional Security:

SSL certificates are required for all e-commerce sites and are available to our clients. The full additional expense of installation and licensing is passed on to the client. Additional security for SSL includes, but is not limited to:

  • Site Firewall
  • Server Firewall
  • Server Monitoring


Email Management:

All clients who take advantage of Rescott’s Hosting and Tech Support have the option to have Rescott manage the hosting of their email.



  • A log of all hosting and technical support issues related to the client will be recorded either via email or phone.
  • Server logs are accessible upon special request.
  • Email traces may or may not be available upon request, depending on the client’s mail configuration.
  • Additional reporting is available through the use of Marketing Consultation.


  • Liabilities of hosting are laid out in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Access to technical support is limited to Rescott’s hours of operation.
  • All technical support requests that do not immediately impact the client’s website uptime or core functionality will be served in order that the request was received.
  • The client waives the right to access the Cpanel, FTP, or WordPress Administrator login, to comply with Rescott’s Standard Security Protocol.
  • If the client takes advantage of Email Management, Rescott may advise on the configuration of their email client up to the extent of the client’s Marketing Consultation time – this service is not covered by Hosting and Technical Support.
  • Rescott’s technical support does not include anything other than domain management (when granted access), hosting, and security of the website.

You will have access to our digital design services for the purpose of website updates or the design of fliers, advertisements, social media ads, and other materials for printing. Availability of this service is determined by your service package. Design work beyond your included monthly retainer hours is billed at the hourly rate listed in your marketing agreement.


Use: The printing and distribution of the digital design pieces is up to your discretion, unless it is for use on social media or your website (distributed upon client request). Rescott retains the right to apply these hours on a discretionary basis to accomplish miscellaneous campaigns as needed to support the overall marketing strategy.


Graphic Design:


The client may request any product that can be designed in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator, if providing clear creative direction.


Basic Website Updates:


Includes WordPress edits, or work in html or CSS.


Research and Development:


Should you request a project that the Rescott developers are unable to accomplish under their current skill or knowledge, you may dedicate your monthly Design and Development hours for researching the solution or ways to develop your desired functionality. The number of available hours for this is noted in your service package.


Advanced Updates:


For any new plugin or additional functionality you request to add to your site, Development will utilize your Design and Development allotment of hours in order to build a custom quote as an add-on.



  • Graphic Design requests will be considered complete when delivered to you via email, dropbox, Google Drive or any other means of digital transmission.
  • All requests will be logged in Rescott’s Project Management system.



  • We provide digital proofs of your design requests.
  • Actual print production of design(s) is billed directly to the client via the third party printer. If utilizing our relationship with Vistaprint, discounts may be available.
  • Exceeding the retainer limit in your package will automatically initiate hourly billing at the current price listed in your agreement. However, Rescott shall provide client with timely advance notice if the scope of work in any particular month is likely to exceed the retainer limit.
  • Design and Development does not include creative direction outside of the allotment of Marketing Consultation time.
  • Website updates cannot include the implementation of new functionality.
  • Research and Development shall not exceed 50% of the client’s Design and Development Retainer.

Rescott offers a budget of consulting hours in each package to discuss (in person or over the phone) strategy, ideas, new technologies, and possibilities for further growing your visibility using your existing services, or by taking advantage of add-on or third party services.


Special Reporting: Requests for special reporting outside of verbal explanations of the real-time reporting systems will count against your monthly Marketing Consultation allotment.



  • Consultation hours included in your selected package do not roll over each month.
  • Parties available for consultation include the Rescott team members assigned to your account, and their direct supervisors.

Rescott can draft optional emails each month (amount based on your package) in your Mailchimp account. We will transfer your existing list to Mailchimp, if necessary. Only after client approval will the campaign be sent. All drafted emails count against the amount included in the client’s package, whether or not they are sent.



  • On request, Rescott will supply a report on the open rate, click throughs, unsubscribes and other data of the emails sent, and provide you with recommended actions to improve the effectiveness of future email campaigns based on such data.



  • Client must request each email’s creation, and must supply topics/information to be included for each campaign.
  • Client approval is required before any email is sent.
  • Special request is necessary for third party or other email marketing providers (not Mailchimp), and the client is responsible for all associated fees.
  • Rescott is not required to build lists of any particular size on behalf of the client. Mailchimp fees apply to client lists over 2,000 contacts, and are the client’s responsibility.
  • Additional email campaigns (beyond your package limit) are billed at add­-on rates posted in your agreement.

Rescott will manage a budget of up to $1,000 per month on your behalf for any advertising requested. Beyond $1,000, we charge a 15% management fee. These services can be used for Google AdWords and other online advertising, or for print media advertising.



  • Rescott offers its clients access to real time reporting via a private login through third party systems.
  • Requests for further reporting may be made, and will be counted against your Marketing Consultation retainer. Simple questions or requests for clarifications may be made over the phone or email.



  • This services is not included in every package.
  • You must approve the designated budget in writing.
  • Your advertising budget spend will be billed directly to your credit card, in your own Adwords or other advertising account.
  • Rescott will add a 15% management fee to your monthly bill for every dollar above $1,000.
  • Rescott may advise on other ad purchases outside of digital advertising, but will not place purchase orders for print, radio, TV, or any other non-­digital medium.


Should such advice extend beyond the allotted Marketing Consultation retainer, fees may apply.


With our Platinum package, Rescott can develop and host a new a business class web site with professional features found in very few web sites, and includes the following features:


  • Corporate class home page
  • 15 inner pages
  • Video page home slider, or three images slider
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Advanced portfolio
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Social media integration
  • Access to Rescott’s royalty free image and video library
  • Hosting on Rescott’s business class servers


Limitations of this plan include:

  • The Platinum plan requires a 1 year agreement, and then will be month to month after the one year period. If you terminate the contract before the agreement expires, then you will be billed the difference between $3000 and time under the agreement.
  • The web site design, image library contents are property of Rescott. Client rights include their own images and content. Any premium images used in the site will be billed to the client.
  • The web site is not transferable to another party within the one year agreement period.
  • Any additional work in creating the web site in excess of 30 hours due to special requirements, or special programming such as eCommerce or SAAS application, will be discussed with the client ahead of time with an estimate of additional fees that will be billed to complete the requirements.