What Is Rescott VidMagix?


VidMagix is about to make videos smart by breaking down the language barrier and making it- personal.


We Broke Down The Language Barrier

VidMagix, a new high tech video production service by Rescott, autotmatically translates your video’s text into the user’s base language on the fly. You say that your video is in English and someone from China sees your video? No problemo! VidMagix automatically translates the video text in real time to Chinese, or over 65 other languages.

Just this feature alone will enable you to expand your reach by 94% beyond your home language to all other language groups.


Grab Their Attention!


VidMagix is much more than advanced real time language translation. VidMagix also takes your videos to the next level with embedded dynamic elements in the video like time, date, location and more.

Get Them To Respond


A video isn’t very useful if the viewer doesn’t respond. With our production, we can add interactive call to action elements like sign up forms, “click to call” for mobile phones, click throughs, and social media CTAs.


Add A Personalized Component


Integrated with many email marketing campaigns, we can add personalized variables so the viewer sees his name and other variables on the fly embedded into the video itself.


We believe user interaction should be fun. Make your videos more engaging. Experience the Magix yourself with our incredible two minute video above- you will be impressed.  Then call us today or use the chat bar in the lower left to discuss how the Rescott VidMagix service will catapult your video marketing ahead of your competition.